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go die, coronavirus (chaotic post 3)

welcome ladies and gentlemen (and dogs) to the (and cows) wait what- (and chickens) STOP

okay welcome to the third instalment of alisa’s chaotic posts, continuing due to popular demand 👀

im coming to yoU FROM THE ANNOYINGLY REPETITIVE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME. yes, i have been out into my front yard. yesterday. for the first time in a week. uhhh lets just say my extroverted self forgot what the sky looked like.

i hate being quarantined as an extrovert. it means NO FRIENDS NO CLOUDS NO OXYGEN NO CROWDS NO PARTIES (not that i get invited ANYWAY 😤) NO SHOPPING (…im broke anyway) NO PUBLIC LIBRARY AND ETC. so i decided hey, lets WASTE AWAY inside my house and play beat saber, overwatch and um whats that thing called, yes TETRIS. and all my parents talk about now is the virus, but lets discuss upsides for a quick second.

i stay up till 3AM and sleep until 12PM (what are you gonna do about it HUH) and eat pizza at about 1AM often enough to be called an addiction (not my fault) and uhh i can facetime my only friend who actually still wants to talk to me (ayy… live it up am i right…) and kinda communicate with another friend who probably doesnt look at 2% of the memes i send by messenger pigeon. um what else. ooh yes if ya wanna see what songs im listening to please do check out my spotify (please do not kill me Inside A Dog) >>>> alisa 

yeah im desperate for spotify followers gotta get that clout yknow

(i’ve been updating my spotify every late night/EARLY morning since last week so if you like chill songs and stuff then i am your girl) (i have an addiction to making playlists ok so like do NOT @ me)

anyone got online school here? please do tell me what it’s like. we have not closed ANY schools in SA and uhh so me and a couple friends are the only ones staying home and letting our skin pale out with no vitamin D (is it D or like B or smth) and soon we’ll be so white that we’ll blend in with the printer paper. also i’ve been binge watching CallMeCarson coz he’s the icon of the century go check out his youtube for some laughs i guess

oh here’s a list of other foods i have been eating/drinking whilst in coronaprison:

  • berry milkshakes
  • a small amount of oxygen (not much, im watching my weight)
  • pizza
  • pineapple juice from the pineapple we’ve been putting on pizza
  • pineapple that was supposed to be for the pizza
  • cashew nuts (occasionally)
  • white chocolate
  • pizza
  • chocolate in general
  • sweet chilli chips
  • that creamed sweet rice type thing that comes in a can
  • oranges (gotta get the C vitamins right)
  • panadol
  • ice cream
  • ice cream with the ice magic choc sauce type thing
  • water
  • bread
  • i accidentally ate my peach lip balm but it smells good so i assumed that it tasted good… it tasted like literal nothing

so yeah

for the best playlist in the world click here

i really hate you coronavirus like can you kindly fall off of a 200 storey building or something like i’m quite over your toxic personality and i know i shouldnt get down on your level but just go die already. look what you did huh how long you gonna hang around for, you messing with the wrong space race hunny

suddenly i scrolled up and was ike whoa i wrote a lot but most of it is trash and im supposed to still be doing assignments but im ABSENT so haH TRY ME

(that means i havent done anything worthwhile this month except our team won sports day on march 6th, and im still vibing from that)

also im on hiatus on goodreads coz my whole book thing is totally messed up now that i can only get ebooks so im sorting some stuff out around that and cancelling physical books that i was going to pick up and whatever so yeah

love you all and remember hand sanitiser is for eating not sniffing

-alisa x




p.s. most handsome man 2020


inky State Library Victoria

Not a great time for extroverts!

20th Mar, 20

Gosh staying at home sounds horrible, all the teachers are talking about it at my school. Imagine being the Italians though, like everyone’s at home (and lots aren’t doing so good either...)

20th Mar, 20

Truly a tragic time for extroverts. As a current online schooler, I am having a blast! I don't have to wake up at 6:30am at the moment, I get to eat good, warm food for lunch (that I don't have to buy) and I can wear my pyjama pants and nobody knows! It is a little lonely but I often leave our class FaceTime thing (oops) to instead FaceTime my friends and chat while working. I've probably been less productive but whelp, what can you do? I have been spending this extra time reading and relishing in my introvertedness (is that even a word, idk?)

20th Mar, 20

Doesn’t sound so bad after all!

21st Mar, 20

cool... we aren't getting online school? idek whats going on with my school at the moment

21st Mar, 20

Online school starts for me on Monday and I’m expecting that I’ll get more time to read and practice piano so it can’t be that bad. Plus, I’m a huge introvert so talking less to my classmates is like a bonus, right? I’m almost expecting that I might get more work done since I won’t be surrounded by my classmates and there shouldn’t be any group projects, hopefully?

21st Mar, 20


24th Mar, 20

omg this is the best comment on my entire blog, everyone should aim to beat this one ok

24th Mar, 20

In reply to alisaaa


15th Apr, 20

I've started online schooling, it's not that bad. I am mostly reading blogs and posting them anyway.

2nd Apr, 20