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Hello people

Books got here, look at them 👇🏼

whoop whoop! better start reading!

-Alisa (judge number six as stated on the box somewhere hehe)



Hey! I just got my books today and it was soooo exciting!! Which ones are you most excited about reading? I've already read a few of them, and I'm really excited to read Lifelike, I am Out With Lanterns and Amelia Westlake.

1st Apr, 19

Whoop! I was super hype too. I'm excited for Amelia Westlake, LIFEL1K3, When the Lights Go Out and HIVE. I've finished Navigating the Stars and The Art of Taxidermy! Happy reading~

1st Apr, 19

AMAZZZINGGGGGGGGGG. I've been after A Thousand Perfect Notes for like A YEAR OMG let me know how they go (once the awards are over though...I know how it is)

15th Apr, 19

Yes, I'll be posting reviews when the awards are done!

16th Apr, 19